Top 7 Business Benefits of DevOps

Top 7 Business Benefits of DevOps 05 Sep,2019

2019 is a time of innovation; it’s a year which makes century-old companies reconsider their business approaches right from the starting. This innovation has brought technologies like agile, digital disruption, and lean into the play. These avant-garde technologies have led businesses to address all their real-life problems and sail through it.

In this tech-savvy technological era, the maximum number of businesses begins their functioning by developing an MVP. However, the purpose of this is to introduce new ideas, validate concepts, and optimize them all together. By following so, they get the ability to revise the strategy later on which would lately preserve them from code commit and numerous releases. This is when, this technology and business benefits of DevOps comes to the play, to work for you.

In this blog section, I’ll be covering what the top-notch business benefits of DevOps (in my consideration) are.

DevOps: What is it?


Well, DevOps is a combination of operations and development which works side by side in order to build an agile relationship among the operations and development team. By incorporating DevOps, one can bypass the hurdles of communication, cooperation and can ensure there’ll be the better quality of the software.

Moreover, it maintains a stable relationship between engineering and operations teams, making their overall performance more productive, adaptable, and synchronized. In fact, it has already helped numerous businesses adapt diverse marketing standards with its revolutionized approach. However, the first things always come first!

What makes DevOps technology as an adoption trend?


According to the report published by one source, it’s been clearly addressed, the hype of DevOps is happened by becoming more agile and satisfying client needs. Probing in the specifics of DevOps drivers:

  • 80% of businesses wish to give optimum customer experiences.
  • 79% of businesses wish to provide fast responses to customer requests.
  • 82% of businesses wish to have a great pace for their customer demands.

Hence, with all this, the number of businesses incorporating DevOps has witnessed a drastic and colossal boost, especially in the last 5 years.

From 54% it’s been raised up to 78% as of now and expected to grow further in the approaching time. But, the point of concern is what does actually drive the global adoption of it? The answer to this is pretty simple – DevOps provides some significant advantages.

Business Benefits Your Business Can Avail By Deploying DevOps


Well, in 2019, DevOps has become a very relevant and practical asset for today’s companies. The reason behind is quite evident; the wide range of measurable benefits it offers in the software development cycle without making any sort of compromise on the quality of services and products.


The top 7 business benefits of DevOps, which later makes businesses get on board with it.

Improved Office Morale


Team morale gets a significant boost by incorporating DevOps. This technology benefits a business by improving office communication and collaboration. We all know the fact, the more employees work and communicate with one another, the better they work together. This way, employee fellowship gets improve, which lately boosts team morale though it is one of the efficient team management strategies.


Whenever the team works well along with each other, they’re more content, and whenever they’re content, they work better and give optimum output. Hence, team morale of the team gets better, and the relationship among them turns into the good one, which proves to be one of the most significant business benefits of DevOps.

More Agile Deployment


DevOps benefits businesses by making more agile deployment possible for them. With it, businesses get the ability to deploy new systems, applications, and processes more rapidly than ever before. In fact, this makes the business operations work for your business more effective.

Your business will be better able to deliver agile results as now with DevOps the overall business processes of deployment and development will take much less time to complete the business processes altogether. With this, your business will additionally get the benefits of improving business timings for delivering results.

Breaking Down Silos


Breaking down silos is entirely possible by incorporating DevOps. This will ultimately help you in breaking all the conventional barriers like repeated work, lack of collaboration, and much more.

DevOps generally build cross-functional cooperation team liable for deploying, developing, and producing the end products in a more reliable and stable manner.

Continuous Integration, Delivery, Testing, and Monitoring


DevOps lets your business create an effective mechanism which will indeed build an efficient approach for robust results.

Continuous integration and continuous development are the most prominent parts of the deployment process, which makes sure that every change in the process is releasable on an ongoing basis.

Of these all, the final purpose is Continuous testing and monitoring in which the testing and validation of the products are done in order to ensure its function and performance are processing right.

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Boundless Collaboration


DevOps propagates a robust connection among working teams and developers during the complete working process. This process entails everyday updates, meeting, and discussions through a stable mode, whereas integration of DevOps in organizations makes them attain more engagement and team loyalty.

Elevated Customer Experience


Whenever a business builds proposed products faster, it gets better and easier to accommodate the business needs of various customers. This eventually helps you in rendering the optimum customer services to your clients.

Around 75% of businesses agreed to the fact that with the integration of DevOps in their working process, they enhanced their customer experiences. Thus, it is a clear advantage for businesses that many business owners are clamoring to undergo.

Greater stability

Nowadays, every size business demands robust software for their success, and IT failure is one of the major points of concern going into their minds throughout the period they’re working.

Obviously, system outage will result in loss of reputation and revenue; this is when DevOps comes into the play to deploy more often and develop more stable software.

How To Integrate DevOps In The Work Environment?


DevOps demands a sturdy organizational plus cultural change to make different processes work. It would make a turnaround towards integration, deployment, and development among operations and development. However, these changes frequently are hard to implement in businesses.

With the integration of DevOps, you get the tools and techniques which can be further used to address the underlying problems. Once you get to know the fundamental areas of issues, you can make necessary changes no matter if that is for deployment, automation tools, or some other to create an incremental change.

Final Thoughts


Business benefits of DevOps will let you &your business achieve anything and everything with the right implementation of DevOps either it could be saving time, making the process of app making more efficient or increasing the market value of the product.

Once you integrate DevOps in your business process, soon you will realize there are so many positive effects of it on your business. It will enhance the efficiency, user experiences, and communication among the team & work processes. Indeed, one thing is for sure; DevOps is undoubtedly the future of software development cycles. Moreover, you should also consider availing the advantages of DevOps so as to improve your business processes and communication. Maybe now, you will realize how advantageous it could be for your business to get this technology integrated & get the most out of your business processes.

If you still have some more questions in the same concern, let us know, our DevOps team will be more than happy to show you the right path of the light.

Deepak Arora is ISTQB certified QA engineer, works in Bugraptors. He is well versed with Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Regression and Sanity testing. He is responsible for guaranteeing a level of quality for the end client and to help the software development team to identify problems early in the process.

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