Do you want to automate your web application?

Functional Testing

About Web Test Automation

Web automation is used to test the functionality and behavior of a website or web application in multiple browsers. The web application or website needs to perform accurately on all the browsers considering the fact that the browsers have a different method of presenting the site, in which case differences and errors might occur in the layout, feature or functionality. It involves examining the compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers. Same automated test cases can be run on multiple platform and multiple browsers.

Functional Testing

What Do We Do?

  • Analyze Test Case Feasibility
  • Automation Test Planning
  • Framework Recommendation
  • Scheduling and Estimation
  • Test Design & Development
  • Regression Test Report and Maintenance
Functional Testing

Benefits of Web Test Automation

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased software quality
  • Reduced testing time and saves money
  • Increased Test Coverage
  • Reduction of repetitive work