Time Investment in Analyzing requirements is a must. Know Here.

Functional Testing

Requirements analysis forms a systematic approach where the workflow of each functional area in an organization is documented. Organizations need a clear picture of their requirements before introducing any changes in order to understand what impact those changes will have. It becomes very important to calculate the expected ROI before making any investment as a well-defined plan must be ready detailing what the company needs to keep, discard, modify and add to the business.


Functional Testing

Communication with system users plays an important role as it helps to determine specific feature requirements, ambiguities in requirements as demanded by the group of users which ultimately leads to proper documentation of all the aspects related to the project development process.

After thorough requirements analysis, a detailed document is prepared to define each and every functionality, ambiguities in the requirements along with possible solutions, modifications required, new additions to the requirements etc.

Requirements analysis involves Functional requirements, Non-functional requirements, Performance requirements, Design requirements, Customer requirements, Derived and Allocated requirements.