Is your application’s security at risk?

Functional Testing

What is Security Testing?

Security testing can ensure you that your product is free from the attacks from hackers and Spammers and the risk of loss of information is minimum.

Functional Testing

Why is Security Testing Important?

To make your data secure and unique, to counter the attacks and loss of data and confidentiality security testing is a must.

Techniques in Security Testing

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    In Vulnerability Scanning we scan the software product to check whether there is any kind of threat from a malicious software system. The system to be scan is independent to the connectivity or not.

  • Security Scanning

    This scanning is done to verify the security of a network and it can be done manually as well as automated.

  • Penetration testing

    This testing is done with known paths of code and with the help of port addresses and IP addresses to test about what extent an attacker can penetrate a system with known information of a system.

  • Risk Assessment

    Risk assessment is done to analyze the risk of security of a system. The risks are analyzed on the basis of their priority.

  • Security Auditing

    Security auditing is done by inspecting the internal code of a software product. It can be modular or line by line inspection of code.

  • Ethical hacking

    Ethical Hacking can be done with the help of professional hackers to test the security of a software product.