Want to identify the scope of your project?

Functional Testing

What does scope of testing defines?

  • "How long will it take to complete the testing?"
  • "What will be the cost of the project?"
Functional Testing

How can we enhance project monitoring?

  • By developing standards of performance: These set the stage for defining goals that will be achieved when project tasks are correctly accomplished.
  • Planning for each project: The plan contains measurable goals, milestones, deliverables, and well-defined budgets, schedules that take into consideration the project types, conditions, and constraints.

In recent years, there is tremendous increase in software industry due to its increasing popularity. Therefore, it becomes important for any organization to assure that the application/software is working accordingly before making it available for live audience.

Functional Testing

What does execution involve?

• Executing the test cases
• Reporting the results of the tests executed
• Defect reporting for the failed test cases
• Retesting and Regression testing
• Closure of defects