Want to know why release and environment management is important for your application?

Functional Testing

Release management focuses on technical implementation of the release. Conducting a weekly technical risk review meeting leading up to a release helps to achieve the following:

  • Confirm if the project is ready for release
  • Review major changes in the release (New Hardware, Database Upgrades, etc.)
  • Confirm Database scripts and amount of work required
Functional Testing

Why we need Release Management

  • For the planning and successful rollout of software and related hardware
  • For designing and implementing efficient procedures for changing IT systems
  • To be assured that the changing hardware and software being is traceable, secure. Also it ensures that only correct, authorized and tested versions are installed
  • For management purposes
  • For effective regression/rollback techniques
Functional Testing

Benefits of Environment Management Services

  • Ensures good quality of testing
  • Faster software release schedules
  • Reduced cost of testing and infrastructure
  • Increased productivity