How much traffic or load your application can handle? Know it here.

Functional Testing

How do we measure Server performance?

Performance Testing is the process of measuring a system’s performance by increasing the demand on the system. It is performed to ascertain a system's behavior under normal as well as the estimated peak load conditions. JMeter is a segment of Apache Open Source project. It is an application which can be used to perform functional testing and load testing. It is designed as pure Java application and can be used to perform load testing of any type of web application including the ones written in .NET, PHP etc.

Functional Testing

Why do we use JMeter?

  • JMeter can be implemented to test the performance of both static resources such as HTML, as well as the dynamic resources, such as AJAX.
  • JMeter helps to analyze the performance reports graphically.
  • JMeter generates the load on the server and also comes with an agent that can be run on the server machine for the collection of server performance metrics.