Is your mobile application facing low installation rate?

Functional Testing

What is Mobile Applications Testing?

In mobile applications testing, a software application developed for the mobile devices is tested for its functionality, features, usability, and consistency. It can be performed manually or can be automated as per the requirements.

Functional Testing

Why is Mobile Applications Testing Important?

Due to the increased demand for the mobile applications, the frequency with which the applications are being deployed has been increased tremendously. But at the same time, it is important that the application built is beneficial to the end user in order to get more attention. Therefore, effective testing is required before deploying the application so that it can convince more customers.

Types of Mobile Applications Testing

  • Usability testing

    It is performed to assure that the application is easy to use and will provide the satisfactory experience to the users.

  • Compatibility testing

    Before deployment, the application is tested on different mobile devices with different screen resolution, operating systems as per the requirements.

  • Interface testing

    This type of testing checks the functioning of menu options, buttons, links and application’s navigation flow.

  • Installation tests

    This process verifies and validates if the application is getting installed/uninstalled successfully on different mobile devices.