Are users facing problems while installing your application? Ask the Experts.

Functional Testing

What is Installation Testing?

Installation testing is performed to validate if the software has been correctly installed with all the inherent features. It is also known as Implementation testing and is treated as the most important phase in the software testing life cycle. It is done in the last phase of testing before the end users interact with the actual application for the first time.

Functional Testing

Why Installation Testing is Necessary?

Application that gets installed faster and effortlessly leads to happy customers. Also, satisfied users recommend the application to their colleagues and friends leading to increased number of users. Companies gain trust and loyalty of the customers on the basis of their first interaction with the product.

Factors to be considered during Installation Testing

  • Memory

    Is the application taking the amount of memory space defined in the requirements?

  • Behavior

    How the application behaves when there is not enough space for the installation.

  • Uninstallation

    After successful installation, uninstallation of the software must be carefully verified.