Automation Testing Service is a time savings that translates directly into cost savings.

Functional Testing

Our Accomplishment in Automation Testing Services

BugRaptors is an automation testing company, with expertise to help you:

  • Effectively develop automated test scripts
  • Regression test your application
  • Thoroughly assess every test cycle
  • Produce better software, faster
  • Build test automation environments rapidly
Functional Testing

Our Test Automation Methodology

BugRaptors utilizes proprietary test techniques to identify automatable manual tests. BugRaptor’s test automation methodology (and team) is well accustomed to Agile and DevOps environments ensuring consistent ROI during the entire agile lifecycle.

BugRaptor’s test automation experts implement automated test suites with a focus on long term utilization of the suites.

Key Agile-based test automation activities include:

  • Small & lean tests to lower maintenance
  • Loose coupling of tests & data
  • Periodic reviews to ensure test suites are “green”
  • Analyzing opportunities for in-sprint and delayed automation
  • Supporting execution of multiple regression tests during each sprint
  • Maintenance of an automation backlog and prioritize candidate test cases
Functional Testing

How BugRaptors can put Test Automation to work for you today!

We leverage best practices in Agile testing, continuous integration and test-driven development to enable you to get new digital services to market faster, expand market coverage, and respond more quickly and efficiently to market feedback.

BugRaptors Test Automation services span web, mobile and web services. It enables automated testing of multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers in the cloud or on premise, using any framework. See below for an example of our services in action.

Our Specialized Automation Testing Services

  • Software Test Automation

    Easy to Overcome the limitations of the manual testing approach and ensure maximum test coverage. Enjoy lighting fast speed and effective testing to get accurate results.

  • Web Service Automation Testing

    We offer web service automation testing to get outstanding repository, messaging and uninterrupted functioning. In addition to that, get hassle-free interoperability and integration with the assistance of web service automation tools.

  • Web Application Automation Testing

    Our web application automation testing imparts your web application with outstanding quality, scalability, reliability, and security. Our team of automation testers ensures application’s compatibility with all type of platforms and operating systems.

  • Mobile Test Automation

    Get verified and deeply tested mobile apps for high quality user experience and world-class accessibility. Validate functionality, performance, network configuration, memory capacity, & compatibility with various mobile platforms & devices.

  • Functional Test Automation

    Accelerate your functional test with our time & cost effective automation testing. Verify & validate functionalities for different conditions & environments with great precision & accuracy.

  • Automated Regression Testing

    Get automated regression testing for software, web, mobile applications, web service, API & more, by re-running test scripts to get accurate results. Quickly identify, & resolve issues & discrepancies and increase your time to market.